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Let’s talk about me.


Since the beginning of my career in branding and marketing, I’ve been very hands-on. Being self-taught, you sort of have to get dirty to really learn every aspect of this business. Not a Christina Aguilera reference, just a coincidence. In 2013, I began creating marketing and email strategies based on my solid, but raw, hereditary sales techniques a previous employer discovered by accident. Since then, I’ve morphed into combining my experience in content creation with design aesthetic to help brands develop their own unique identities. Today, I am the creative director of a successful boutique marketing and branding company in Nashville, Tennessee. I love using my skills to help other companies fulfill the entirety of their brands’ potential. I’ve always been highly creative, using the visual world as my playground. My life is more colorful when I’m cultivating a new idea into existence.

Outside of work, some of my side projects include: taking the avant garde-iest of photos I can muster, designing sets, creating invitation suites, designing greeting cards based on my favorite pop culture references, and watching my black cat destroy any, and all, rugs in my home… just to name a bunch. Important, but unnecessary-to-know facts about me: 90s country speaks to me on a spiritual level, I have very red hair. How red? Very red. There is one single tattoo on my body. It’s a Harry Potter quote in Elvish, so yeah Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are my actual jam. In another life I was a fashion icon. I adore everything Valentino. Design esthetics on fleek.


Ryan Flynn is one of the most intuitive, soulful, and intentional designers I have ever met. Her ability to identify the client’s desired end result, even when they don’t know how to articulate it, is truly remarkable. Aside from her own work, Ryan is experienced in guiding a team of creatives to aesthetic and cohesive excellence. She is truly a joy to work with in every way, and I will be recommending her for as long as she is accepting new clients.

Christin Henke


Working with Ryan has been a great experience because she takes the time to understand your task or whatever task you give her. She is great at custom fitting your request to you or your company’s personality and will tackle almost anything laid out in front of her. She has this old school work ethic that quite frankly is missing from a lot of graduates and interns alike and I would have no problem hiring her for very complicated and timely assignments. And I will.

Allen Clark


Ryan approaches every project/idea with an enthusiasm that is innate to her personality. And that is something that is rare to find. She uses intuition with her clients and relies on her communication skills to ask questions. As the Creative Director at Elevate United, she huddled a team of artists together and delivered with every single project that was thrown her way. The ease with which she handles enormous tasks says a lot about her capabilities in producing work that exceeds expectations every time. And on top of all of that, she is the most fun person you will ever work with.

Madelyn Reynolds



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